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Want drama? Get Netflix and get rid of friend with benefits

LOS ANGELES - MAR 14:  Kate Mulgrew, Taylor Schilling, Laura PreDear Harlan: I’ve been friends with this guy for about two years now. At first, he liked me and wanted to be with me, but I was taken. When my relationship ended, he was there for me, and said he would wait for me until I was ready to date again. Once I was ready, he had gotten into a relationship and told me he didn’t know I liked him, even though I remember telling him that I did. We stopped talking for a couple of weeks, and I was totally fine without him. He came back into my life and did the same thing two more times before saying he didn’t have feelings for me anymore. My feelings disappeared when I noticed his obsession with ponies and how he would take his anger out on me. I’m finally at the point where I’m ready to end things once and for all, but I can’t seem to work up the courage to tell him I don’t want to be his friend anymore. He gets mad over everything, and if I’m mad at him, he will get mad at me for being mad at him. Can you please help me? – Angry

Dear Angry: Want drama? Watch the second season of “Orange Is the New Black.” That’s all the drama you need. You don’t care about ponies or anger – you’re afraid of losing his attention. You must be bored. On some level, you like the back and forth. Once you admit it, you can quietly distance yourself from him. Blame the distance on personal issues, family problems or something that you aren’t comfortable sharing. Don’t worry about getting him mad. You just need to get him out of your life. But that means having a life that is still filled with attention and drama – get Netflix or join an online dating site. That’ll do it.

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