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Attention Nice Guys: Stop making excuses and start dating more

Happy young friends dancing at discoHey Harlan: I recently took a girl out on a date and we were hitting it off. She pointed out to me that she would be more interested in dating a bad guy because she believes that she can fix a bad boy. However, there are nice guys like me who don’t get any love in terms of dating because we want the best out of girls. I was told that nice and good guys typically stay in the dreaded “friend zone.” My question has two parts: (1) Is it true that girls typically date bad boys? (2) If you are a good guy, what happens to you? Thanks a lot for your time and effort, Harlan! – Rob

Dear Rob: This is the biggest bunch of bull-oni. Some women like bad boys – some love good guys. The problem isn’t being nice. It’s about being a nice guy who looks like he doesn’t have options. That’s it. Nice guys love to blame being nice for their lack of success with the ladies, but it’s not true. I used to be a nice guy who didn’t date. I was scared of rejection. I didn’t want to make women uncomfortable. Then, something happened. I stayed nice, but I got great at taking risks and handling rejection. I asked women out. I gave them permission to want me or not want me. And that’s when women started to want me. Become a nice guy who isn’t afraid to date lots of women. Then you’ll see that women love nice men – just not nice men who sit around waiting.

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