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Hold On: Hand-holding might not be sex, but it still feels like cheating

Young Couple Holding Hands On White BackgroundDear Harlan, Is holding hands with a woman other than your girlfriend cheating? Where is the line drawn?  – Tempting Fate

Dear Tempting, Holding feet?  No, not a problem. Hands?  Yes.   Ask your girlfriend if you don’t believe me.  When you have to ask if something is crossing the line, you know a line has been crossed. Something felt wrong, right? You can minimize the hand-holding and justify it as innocent, but you feel guilty. Whatever you want to call the hand-holding, let’s just agree that it’s wrong. Would you want your girlfriend holding hands with another guy? Nuh-uh. Unless you’re in a dance class, a manicure workshop or in a situation where holding hands is part of the job, there’s no reason to hold hands. The bigger question is why would you do something that feels like it’s crossing the line? Clearly, you felt something when you held this other woman’s hand. If you feel like holding her hand and other parts of her body in the future, let go of your girlfriend’s hands. Otherwise, hands off. You know it’s not cool.

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