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Drunk and kissed coed is confused three months later

Kissing-barDear Harlan,  I kissed a guy at a bar a few months ago. We were both pretty drunk, and the bar was really packed and chaotic, so we didn’t really get to talk. We didn’t even exchange names until an awkward run-in on campus a few weeks later. I found him on Facebook, messaged him and he gave me his number. I want to text him, but I’m not sure if I should since I’m the one who Facebook messaged him and he hasn’t made any contact since (he also has my number). He just graduated and isn’t sure where he’s going to end up, so that may be part of the reason he hasn’t contacted me. Should I wait for him to make a move? My friends are telling me to text him, but I have no idea what to even say. – Speechless

Dear Speechless,  This is a beautiful love story. The only thing missing is a conversation. Forget making a move — form a complete sentence and share it. Listen to your friends.  Reach out to him and engage in coherent dialogue. That’s all. For example, you can wish him a happy graduation via text. Then, you can ask him what he’s planning on doing this summer. Forget looking for a kiss or a date — see if you can get a response. Once you can have a real conversation without expectations of something physical, you can figure out what, if anything, will happen next.  And if you can’t even text him a complete thought with a complete idea, completely give up on the idea of him.

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