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He doesn’t want to date her, just sleep with her

couple-girl-kissing-her-boyDear Harlan: We act like we’re dating, and we’re sleeping together, but there’s no official title and no commitment. He says he feels like I’m the one for him, but part of him wants the “college experience” he never had. Basically, it seems like he just wants to see what it’s like to sleep around. I’m tired of feeling strung along, and I’m sick of him not knowing whether he actually wants to date me, but I still feel like he’s the one. What do I do? Please help.

– Girl With a Broken Heart

Dear Broken Heart: He’s not dating you.  He doesn’t want to date you. He’s sleeping with you. That’s the truth. He told you, but you refuse to listen. You’re so scared of losing him that you can’t face the truth. Stop compromising your values.  And really — he’s no big prize. He sleeps with you, but won’t commit to you.  That’s not so special.  There are millions of men who can do this for you.  You live in a world with endless options. Sleeping with a guy who doesn’t want to commit will NEVER get him or anyone else to commit. Want this to get better? Face the truth. Find a man who is looking for a girlfriend.

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