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Boyfriend’s body hair no longer cute and cuddly

Hairy ManDear Harlan: My boyfriend is incredibly hairy on his chest and back. At first, it didn’t bother me. It’s now starting to turn me off sexually. What am I supposed to do? I don’t know how to sensitively bring this up to him.

– Too Much Hair

Dear Too Much Hair: When the hair on his back goes from a cuddly blanket to a wet rug, he’s worn out his welcome. Admit it: You’re done with him. It could be the hair on his back, his laugh, his smile, gas, extra weight or his odd-shaped big toe — once it changes from cute quirk to disgusting defect, it’s big trouble.  You can try to change him, but once the hair is trimmed, expect other issues to grow into a problem. You don’t want to be attracted to him.  But I could be wrong ( I’m not). Should you want to address the hair, start with how much you love him. Suggest a solution (you can role play beautician and client). Then finish with how much you love him (assuming you do). WARNING: Be prepared for him to bring up your once-cute body and personality quirks. He might have a few helpful suggestions for you too.

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