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Friend breaks promise not to date love interest

Dear Harlan: A few months ago, I became friends with a guy I wanted to date. At the same time, this guy started talking to my best friend. I got scared because most guys I meet end up liking my friend, leaving me single. At that time, my friend claimed she liked girls and would never lie to me. She knew I liked this guy and promised she’d support me. Well, guess what? It happened. My friend broke up with her girlfriend and confessed her feelings to this guy. This guy had feelings for her. They became a couple, and I was heartbroken once again. I hated the fact that I was jealous of my best friend’s relationship. I hated it so much. Because she was basically my sister, I couldn’t bring myself to even think about breaking up their relationship. How do I get over my feelings for this guy and still maintain my friendship?

— Torn

Dear Torn:  She’s not a good friend. She’s barely a friend. She promised she wouldn’t date this guy, but she did it … again. I know this isn’t what you want to hear, but you need better friends. You can keep this friend in your life, but change what you share and who you allow her to meet. She can’t be trusted. The best way to get over this will be to find new friends. Once you’re around new people and share new experiences with them, you’ll forget to care about her or this guy. Find new friends and change your story.

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