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So you’ve been ghosted…

Dear Harlan: I’ve been dating a girl for two weeks and she ghosted me. We slept together on the second date. We had a couple more dates, and then she dropped off the face of the earth. I texted her and called her. I did see that she was active on the dating site we met on. I know she is not in the hospital or dealing with some life-threatening situation. This all started about a month ago. I want to understand what happened. What should I do?

— Ghosted

Dear Ghosted:  There’s nothing to do. It’s part of dating. A lot of people are cold-hearted and immature. Appreciate that she can’t find the compassion to share her feelings and offer you closure. Assume you are the most incredible man she’s met and it scared her because she fears commitment. If you want to reduce your chances of being ghosted in the future, make sure you go slowly before getting into bed. Take time to learn how the person you’re dating has treated past partners. That should clue you in to how she will treat you.

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