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Coed scared of (possible) long-distance relationship

Dear Harlan: I like a boy who’s three years older than me, and I don’t know if I should pursue a relationship with him while in college because he’s going to graduate two years before I do. What would happen if we started a relationship? I’m hesitant to pursue this and open myself up to being apart in the future.

— Reluctant

Dear Reluctant:  Worry about next year next year. Enjoy this moment. Date him. If you have a meaningful relationship, you’ll figure out what happens next. If you don’t have a meaningful relationship, all this energy spent worrying about what will happen will be meaningless. Too many people spend their everyday life avoiding the possible pain of tomorrow. All that happens is you end up missing out on today. You might go on a date with this guy and realize he’s totally wrong for you. He might not want a second date because you’re wrong for him. He might get back together with his ex in two months. You might meet someone else and realize this guy is the wrong fit. You might go out and realize you have found your new best friend and you will both do whatever it takes to stay together. Live for today. Trust that with each new day, you will find a way to make whatever you want work.

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