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Don’t want FOMO?

Dear Harlan: I have this constant fear of missing out (FOMO). When I see something that looks even slightly interesting, I want to be part of it. I’ll be the first to admit that watching other people have fun without me on Snapchat hurts. I know I can’t be part of everything, but I can’t stop this feeling. How do I control this fear of missing out? I know it’s not rational, but it’s on my mind.


Dear FOMO:  You’ve always been missing out. Now you’re just seeing what you’re missing. That’s what having a 24/7 newsfeed of the world will do. The best way to counter FOMO is to be present. Eckhart Tolle expresses this beautifully in his book “The Power of Now.” When you focus on now, everything else fades into the background. If you want to stop missing out, stop tuning in to the things that are pulling you away from now. Stop using social media or limit how you use it. Take a break. See what it feels like to focus on your own life. Work on being present. Meditate. Practice yoga. Focus on being aware of what’s happening around you. Be in the moment. Try this, and you’ll no longer fear missing out because you will be present, connected and living in the moment.

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