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Ex-Boyfriend spreading rumors

Dear Harlan: I broke up with my boyfriend last month. We were together for three months. He was always pressuring me to go further physically. That was the main reason it ended. Last week I was at a party and bumped into a couple of his friends. They told me he’s been lying to people about what happened. He says we went much further than what happened. It’s all a lie. I texted him that I want him to stop spreading lies, but he ignored me. What can I do to stop this? I don’t want to get a reputation for something I didn’t do.

— Bad Blood

Dear Bad Blood:  Your ex-boyfriend is like a mosquito buzzing around trying to get your attention. He’s looking to draw blood. You can either chase him around or you can walk the other way. The more attention you give him, the more he will irritate you. And if you give him enough attention, he will bite. Then you’ll be stuck with more pain and discomfort. Don’t give him or his absurd stories any more attention. Brush it off. Let it wash away. If his friends bring this up again, make it clear that you’re not interested in hearing about his lies. You can tell his friends that you have moved on. Here’s the truth: You are going to encounter a lot of lying creeps over your lifetime. They will push you, pressure you and do whatever it takes to get your attention. The game is to get attention. Ignore them.

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