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When he doesn't message you back, don't look back

Social Media ApplicationsDear Harlan,  I had a crush on a guy when I was in the United States.  After following your advice, I decided to make a change for my life and messaged him. It wasn’t easy at all. He replied to me the first time, but never replied to me the second time. It was a normal conversation, so I couldn’t figure out why. Maybe you would understand the situation? I need your help, Harlan! – Experimenting

Dear Experimenting,  When a man doesn’t return a text or message, it’s time to find a new man. You can spend your time wondering what you did right or wrong, or you can spend your time finding Mr. Right.  There are 3,477,829,638 males in the world. Use your international savvy to find one of the millions who will not ignore you.  As a rule, when you have to guess what a man is thinking, think about finding a man who can tell you what he’s thinking.   Oh, and when you do meet another man, that’s when the man from the past will message you back.  Count on it.

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