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Woman makes first move, but is reluctant to make second or third

Superhero WomanDear Harlan, My friend was playing wing-woman for me at a bar one weekend, and she introduced me to a very cute guy. He got my number, and I found and messaged him on Facebook. We messaged and texted for about a week. He said he wanted to see me, and we talked about meeting up that weekend, but I haven’t heard anything in a few days. I’m hesitant to contact him because I feel like I’ve been the initiator in the majority of our interactions. Is he interested, or was he just being nice? Thanks for your time! – Texting

Dear Texting, You’re a hero. You’re what I call a woman with big ovaries (big is a good thing, swollen would be bad). You’re strong, fearless, and always take care of yourself.  You expressed your feelings. You made it safe for him to like you. He knows you will not reject him if he’s interested in you. When he’s interested and available, he knows how to find you. Now it’s his job to ask you out. Your work is done. Move on.

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