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Should ex-boyfriend get a second chance?

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Dear Harlan:
My 20-year-old daughter is contemplating giving a boy a second chance to date her. He had previously shown interest, but when she told him to commit or forget it, he forgot it. Now he says he is ready. Is “one and done” your advice, or can second chances work in this situation? – Second Chances

Dear Second Chances: I love your daughter. She doesn’t put up with crap. She told this guy what she wanted. He couldn’t deliver. So she kicked him to the curb. Either he learned that your daughter is the best and is ready to commit, or he’s lonely and wants to hook up. If your daughter is looking for advice from you or me (which I’m guessing she isn’t), she should ask him what will make things different this time around. Then she should give it time before committing her heart again. His words are just promises. His actions will tell the story.

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