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Crushing co-worker needs to take it outside the office

Disabled-Senior-Fun-croppedDear Harlan, I work as a nurse aide in a retirement home and recently developed a crush on my co-worker. He is very nice and funny, and we have good conversations every so often. Should I tell him how I feel and see if he feels the same way, or should I keep this crush to myself? I feel like I only see the guy at work and I don’t know how he really is outside of work. How should I approach the situation? – Working It

Dear Working It,  It’s his job to be kind, patient and caring. That’s what you do when you work at a retirement home. But he could be a different man off the clock. He might honk at elderly pedestrians, mock old eaters at buffets, and hate Bingo. Instead of sharing your crush at work, form a friendship outside of work.  Get coffee. Go to lunch. See a movie. Give him a chance to introduce you to his ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. Meet his kids. Visit with his parole officer. Play Bingo.  Discover his hopes, dreams, and desires.  Once you spend more time together, you’ll know if and when it’s the right time to share your crush.

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