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Can't get an answer via text message? Have a "talkie"

Annoyed-woman-textingDear Harlan: I’m currently talking to a guy whom I’m really interested in dating. When we were introduced to each other, we really hit it off, and a connection was made. We have been texting since then, but I don’t feel so sure about this connection. I just now want to know what direction this is going – is it headed toward friendship or an actual relationship? How do I ask him without scaring him away? – Unsure

Dear Unsure: Have a “talkie.” A talkie is an old-time conversation people used to have in the past (circa 1995). Here’s how a talkie works: (1) Dial the number of the person you want to speak with. (2) Press “Send” and wait for a ring. (3) When the person answers, say something like, “Hello.” (4) Identify yourself. (5) Ask how the person is doing. (6) Ask a question or share a thought. (7) Pause until you hear a response. (8) Respond with a thought or question. (9) Listen. (10) Talk until you are satisfied with the conversation. (11) Say how much you enjoyed the conversation (assuming this is true). (12) Hang up.  To wrap this up  — ask him what direction this is going. If he’s too scared to tell you, change directions and find a man who can tell you what he wants.

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