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Intelligent women with good hygiene scare men

Young woman in shower washing her hairsDear Harlan: I go to a small school that’s about 60 percent female. A lot of girls have trouble finding boyfriends, but I’m concerned with the fact that I’ve hardly spoken to any boys at all. I go to parties and I’m fairly active in extracurricular stuff, but nobody flirts with me! I’ve been single for more than two years now and while I’m trying to keep my head up and stay confident that I’ll find someone, this is all very discouraging. What am I doing wrong? – No Men for Me

Dear No Men for Me: Intelligent women with good hygiene scare the hell out of heterosexual men. Your job is to make it easy (without being easy).  Let me ask you some questions. Nod your head if I’m right.  You do NOT consistently talk to men you find interesting and attractive, right? You do NOT ask friends to set you up on dates on a regular basis, right? You are NOT open to a long-distance relationship, right? You think all men want to hook up and NOT date, right? You do NOT hang out with different groups of people on a regular basis, right? You do NOT like approaching men, right? You are NOT on an online dating site, right? You do NOT make it easy for men to find, meet, and date you, right? Want to make it easier? Pick three items from this list and start making a change. The problem isn’t a lack of men – it’s that most men are too scared of rejection to approach a woman as interesting, attractive, and good smelling as you.

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