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Son's college roommate is a peeping Tom, father's concerned

Young Man Peeping Out Through Venetian BlindsDear Harlan: My son is a freshman in college. He has a roommate, who is a very kind person, but he is a peeping Tom. What do you recommend that my son do about it? Right now, he has done nothing.

Roommate’s Dad

Dear Roommate’s Dad: I know your son isn’t a peeper.  You know your son isn’t a peeper.  But no one else knows that your son isn’t a peeper. When illegal, or creepy peeping happens inside a room, all possible peepers in the room can be implicated. Your son needs to pipe up and make it clear to the peeper that peeping is not allowed inside the room. He also needs to speak to a residence-life staff member to make sure there’s a clear record that he’s not a peeper. This way, if the peeper gets caught and your son is accused of peeping, the conversation with the staff member about the peeping will protect your non-peeping son from being labeled a peeper.

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