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Questions from Last Night's Show (U of Louisville)


As the title suggests, here are questions from last night’s show at the U of Louisville.  Just to give you some context, every live show I take questions via text messages from the audience. Some I answer. Others I don’t.  Over the years, I’ve found that questions reveal the answers.  They connect us.  Different people deal with the same problems at different times in life.   Here’s what people were asking last night.  Please note, I’ve copied and pasted questions exactly as I received them.  Spelling errors, poor grammar, and everything else is included:

Question: What’s your take on how long a couple should date before thinking about marriage?
Question: What questions should you ask yourself before getting hitched?
Question: I find I can let go of things easily.  The most beautiful girls I see I am just so happy to look at in passing. Like I’m happy they exist in general. Is that terribly awful?
Question: The people at the end of the hall are way too loud every night I have the hearing of a prized dog and I need my sleep. I have told them to be quiet but them they whisper for 3 mins exactly and then go on talking at the same volume. They also have crazy drunken parties. The walls are too thing. I’m at the point of moving out but I can’t afford to move my loft out of my room
Question: Hello.  How you find a man?
Question: Do you think a a three way is more likely to help or hinder a relationship?
Question: How do you tell your friend nicely that they are a lil bit whore like when they ask you if they think they are or not?  My initial response was “idk you might be a lil border line.”
Question: How much wood would a woodchuck chuck chuck if a woodchuck could Chuck Norris?
Question: Any advice for a student who isn’t sure what they want to do after college?
Question: I’m in a great relationship and I’m happy. I love the guy I’m with. He’s in the military and could be deployed at the end of the year to Afghanistan for nine months. It scares me. I’m not afraid of the distance, just afraid of something happening to him overseas. I don’t know what to cope with the worry.
Question: How do you find the balance between doing things to improve yourself and your presentation, and
accepting yourself the way you are?
Question: My roommate has a boyfriend. I’m single and most of my friends are single so I’m not used to having to deal with that type of thing.   She has him come over all the time and could care less What happens when I’m in the room. I’m so uncomfortable I could puke. But she doesn’t listen when I ask her to like warn me when they are there. I don’t know what else to do. HELP ME.
Question: I was talking to this guy and we had sex but the next morning he woke up and said he didn’t remember anything because he was so drunk. We had been drinking but not for awhile. So I don’t believe that he doesn’t remember. Do I tell him and if so how?
Question: I was talking to a guy and when I didn’t show him enough interest he got a girlfriend who is long distance… he tells me that he loves his girlfriend but tells me he likes me… what do I do?
Question: I have a girlfriend of three years and we are having trouble communicating. I live on campus and she does not. we don’t see each other very often and I’m not sure what to do. how can we communicate better.
Question: Got any advice for Lgbt students?
Question: I want to get involved but I don’t know how? I thought about maybe Greek life but I don’t know how I feel about the stereotype.
Question: How do you work on a friendship that feels like it’s becoming a toxic shit storm?
Question: There’s a guy who I’m in love with,  who now treats me like shit. We were together for a year, and now we have a lot of the same friends, go to the same parties, and it’s hard to not see him….. SOS… How do I get over him?
Question: Is it possible to maintain a steady relationship through out college?
Question: What do you think about relationships where the guy is a “non virgin” and the girl who is a virgin…will it work?


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