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Dating Etiquette – Parents

Dear Harlan: Is it rude for me to wait in my car if I’m going on a date and I don’t want to meet her parents? I’m not good with parents. I’d rather not meet the parents of someone I’m just getting to know. I do want to make a positive first impression, but I think a parent meeting should wait. Whenever I pick up a date who lives at her parents’ house I will move very slowly in the driveway so I don’t have to go to the front door. Sometimes I’ll text. I always wonder if the parents think this is weird or if my date things it’s rude. What are your thoughts?

— Possibly Rude

Dear Possibly Rude:  Yes, it’s rude. You don’t want to meet parents, and I’m sure most of these parents don’t want to meet you. Most parents aren’t going to open the door and sit some random dude down for a talk. The polite thing to do is to tell your date you are on your way via text. This way your date can get a sense of when you’re arriving. When you get to your date’s house, walk up to the door. Walk your date to the car. Open the door. And then go on your date. If you get to the door and there is a parent greeting you, assume the parent isn’t interested in talking to you. Exchange some pleasantries, be respectful, and go on your date. If this is too much for you to do, meet at a restaurant, get picked up or avoid dating people who live at home with their parents.

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