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Are There Enough Fish in the Sea?

Dear Harlan: I go to a school where the ratio of men to women is 70 : 30. This means that most of the women are taken or are hard to meet. Most women here are already in serious relationships, or they are not interested in dating a guy like me. What advice do you have for man who is outnumbered?— Outnumbered

Dear Outnumbered:  You need to be awesome at rejection. Given that the numbers are against you, you should practice taking risks and managing rejection. Turn this into a risk-taking experiment. Look into building long-term relationships with women instead of getting immediate results. Start by making friends with women. Should you get rejected, be pleasant, gracious and curious. Find out why someone isn’t interested. Do it with a smile. Be polite, and accept it. Most people who reject you will end up single again – circumstances change. The women who found you interesting will remember you, and some of them will want to date you. Instead of waiting for something to happen when you least expect it, make yourself available and accessible. Also, expand your search. Be open to long-distance relationships, set-ups and online dating. Look at this as your ultimate education in listening and friendship.

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