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Unpopular Opinion Alert: She Doesn't Believe LGBTQI is A-OK

Wearing the rainbow flag with pride during the parade

Dear Harlan:  There is a lot of new support for the LGBTQI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning, and Intersex) community. I’m worried that this is having a negative influence on society as it is convincing people that acting on homosexuality and feelings of being a different gender is completely normal and OK. I do not judge these people nor do I think of them any differently, but I want to share my voice and make a statement. I don’t want to be judged and disliked for sharing this. Should I share my opinion? — Worried

Dear Worried:  I wholeheartedly support LGBTQI teens and adults. My support hasn’t turned me gay, caused me to question my gender or encouraged me to experiment. I’ve never been threatened by other people’s sexual orientation (or my own). Supporting a group’s right to exist is not encouraging behavior. It’s encouraging acceptance. It’s making it clear that LGBTQI people have a right to live their lives free of fear, hate and prejudice. Do you see the irony in your question? You don’t want to be judged and disliked by condemning a group of people who have been hated, judged and discriminated against throughout history. Imagine being hated for being heterosexual or told that identifying as a male or female is wrong. I don’t see a difference. You absolutely have the right to share your opinions — and many people might agree with you — but investigate and examine them before voicing them. The minute you start sharing what is OK or not when it comes to addressing gender and sexual orientation is the minute people who have been hated and marginalized for centuries will raise their voices. Talk to members of the LGBTQI community. Get to know them. If you’re too afraid to get close to them, maybe you’re dealing with your own identity or gender issues. Inclusivity and acceptance is not encouraging behavior. It’s about stopping hate, discrimination and shame.

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