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Comfy relationship without spark will fizzle

Bored woman sitting next to her boyfriend playing video games atDear Harlan: I’ve started dating a really good guy. He’s got a good job and he treats me better than any man I’ve dated, but I’m still unsure. There isn’t that spark. I’d like to be in a long-term relationship with someone. Can the spark come later? Am I wasting my time in a relationship if I don’t plan on marrying the guy? – Passing Time

Dear Passing Time: Happy blah, boring New Year! It’s like dating an old pair of sweatpants. Before you know it, half of your life will be spent wearing blah sweats. He’s a big bore. You know it. You shouldn’t have to do this much convincing. Do you honestly believe that in 10 years, 20 pounds heavier (not you, him) and two kids later things will get hotter? Think the spark will turn into a blazing inferno of love? If it’s cold and comfortable now, don’t expect a  fire of passion in the future.

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