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Girlfriend hates being hidden from boyfriend's family

Vintage photo of parents and children (early eighties)Dear Harlan: The guy I’m in a relationship with won’t tell his parents that we’re dating. He says he’s afraid of getting reamed for having his first girlfriend (me) and thinks he’s gonna get teased by his family. I’ve told him he won’t and that it’s a little silly (while still being sympathetic to his concerns) but he still won’t budge! Should I keep trying to get him to fess up or just give up? – Can’t Tell

Dear Can’t Tell:  Either he’s too embarrassed of his family or too embarrassed of you. Ask him. That’s it. I know you want to feel secure in this relationship by meeting his family, but it might be an awful idea. His parents might be total monsters you want to avoid.  As long as he spends time with you in public and calls you his girlfriend to everyone other than his family, I don’t see a problem.  Stop pushing or risk being worse than the mom and dad he doesn’t want you to meet.

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